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Privacy Policy

How DealScribs Collects Personal Information

We may request you for Personal Information when you create an account, subscribe, register, or contrarily communicate with the Services or reach For instance, we can ask you for the information including contact information or relationship information in order to comply with the requests.

We obtain Personal Information while you use our Services on one or more of your machines that communicate with the Services we offer. For instance, we can trace the coupons you explore, yield or use via a desktop workstation, the reward vouchers that you buy from us via your portable mobile device, and the remarks you generate to the discussions, announcement boards, conversation groups, chat rooms or other methods of exchange of information, that may be endeavored on or through the Services from time to time (collectively, “Communities”), or to those associated with our social media platforms or accounts. We use cookies and associated technologies to collect data about your machine and your communication with the Services and our industry partner websites.

When you contact us for customer support via our social media platforms, postal mail, telephone, email, text, or use any other source of communication, we collect Personal Information to enhance user experience.

If you utilize a service from a social media platform, mobile equipment or any other third party means of communication to interact with DealScribs or the Services provided by DealScribs, that platform may have a particular privacy declaration that oversees the use of Personal Information correlated to that platform. If you have concerns about the security and privacy frameworks of your mobile device, please contact the manufacturer of your equipment to learn how to adjust your settings.

How DealScribs Uses Personal Information ?

DealScribs uses Personal Information to :

1. Administer and enhance our Services.
2. Present users the content and ads across their devices based on variables such as established and expected user interests, personal attributes, and location.
3. Estimate acceptability of users for certain coupons, merchandises or services.
4. Decide the types of coupons, products or services that may be useful for the specific user.
5. Track sanctification of coupons and execute other analytics to ensure relevancy.
6. Implement user assistance, including to merchants or business partners.
7. Send you suggestions, technical notices, updates, safety alerts, and guide and administrative messages.
8. Provide marketing notifications when you visit at, stay near or leave areas.
9. Maintain our usual business needs such as website management, forum management, analytics, fraud obstruction, Terms of Use or to comply with the legislation.

Cookies and Related Technologies

We collect specific information when you use our services, these can be automated or electronic means. The technology may include cookies, browser analysis tools, web server logs, web beacons, and pixel tags. When you use our Services, the device or browser communicates with the internet servers managed by us or by our business partners to fulfill your request accordingly.

A “cookie” is a little amount of knowledge that a network server sends to your browser that stores knowledge about your account, your preferences, and your use of the Services. Some cookies include serial numbers that allow us to relate your activity with the Services with other data we store about you in your profile.

Some cookies are meant to be for a limited amount of time hence called temporary cookies, although others may be designed to last longer. “Session” cookies are short-lived cookies used for various purposes, such as to watch page views. Your browser ordinarily deletes Session cookies once you leave your browser. “Persistent” cookies are extra persistent cookies that are stored on your machines even after you leave your browser. We apply Persistent cookies for plenty of purposes, including retrieving certain data you have previously given like your user id if you asked to be remembered.

Business affiliation

This is a type of service in which DealScribs is allowed to display the advertisements of third party products and services. To convey the ads different kinds of graphical representation is used, it can be advertising links or user-interactive graphical banners.

Tracking of clicks on these banners and links is managed by the third party services mentioned below.

To get complete information about the collection of data please navigate to the privacy policy of each service.

Paid On Results

Paid On Results is a commercial affiliation service operating in the United Kingdom.

Personal Data collected: Cookies; Usage Data.

Place of processing: UK

Trade Doubler

Trade Doubler is a commercial affiliation service provided by Trade Doubler Sweden AB.

Personal Data collected: Cookies; Usage Data.

Place of processing: UK


Pepperjam is a commercial affiliation service provided by Pepperjam LLC.

Personal Data collected: Cookies; Usage Data.

Place of processing: USA

Affiliate Gateway

Affiliate Gateway Asia is a commercial affiliation service provided by Affiliate Gateway Asia.

Personal Data collected: Cookies; Usage Data.

Place of processing: Asia

Affiliate Future

Affiliate Future is a commercial affiliation service provided by Affiliate Future.

Personal Data collected: Cookies; Usage Data.

Place of processing: UK

Brand Reward

Brand Reward is a commercial affiliation service provided by Brand Reward.

Personal Data collected: Cookies; Usage Data.

Place of processing: USA